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[IP] Deltec Cozmo

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From: Sue [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Monday, February 24, 2003 9:04 AM
To: Wesley Dreiling
Subject: Re: [IP] Deltec Cozmo

Is today the day? Let us know how it goes.

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03


Yes sue...today was the day and I would like to start out my e-amil here by
thanking all of you for your help, support and tips over the past couple of
months.  Espically those of you who have e-mail me privately with
encouragement, in response to arguements, or just with mutual excitment.

The procedure to start pumping at my hospital is really a two day ordeal
that is much easier than what some of you decribed.  I make an appt on Mon
and one on Wed each for aprox 2 hours or less.  I am also in phone contact
with the educator and keep her up-to-date on BG readings and such.  The
clinic only has one chance a week for someone to do the pump-start training
and I had to arrange to miss work cause it is at a set time.  Well I was
pumping after about 30 mins of meeting with the CDE and I was out the door
in just over an hour.  She told me that I did not need to come back for my
second day.  She had gone over everything that I needed and there was
nothing left to come back for.  I guess that it is just a combination of me
being smart about how to use things like thsi and other techinical things
and a tribute to how SIMPLE the Cozmo is to use.  I ate my usual lunch today
and boulsed based on the carb amount.  The pump then compensated for my
slightly low BG and 2 hours later I was 12 points over my target.  WOW!!

Thanks again for all of your e-mails RE everything that we talk about!

Wesley (Dx'd x-mas 1999 pumping two days after my b-day 2003!)
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