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Re: [IP] BG Variations

Amy said:
>It doesn't seem to matter what I do, nothing gets it 
>to stay perfect all the time and sometimes I have
>no explanation for why it goes high or low? Have you 
>ever had a doctor tell you that this is all the 
>better it will ever get?


No, I've never had an MD tell me this is as good as it
gets.  Since my A1c is in the low 7's, they say "you
could do better, but you're doing okay as it is." 
That is all the reassurance I need.

I went on the pump long long ago because I wanted to
have a healthy baby.  I did.  He is now 15 y/o and
other than being naturally skinny, is as healthy as a

I want to reassure you that as long as you're doing
everything you can - what more could you POSSIBLY do
to make it any better?  That is asking for more super
human powers than us mere-super-human diabetics can

If you're MD is telling you you're not doing enough,
ask him what in heaven's name could you be doing any
differently???  If he doesn't understand that every
diabetic is different and there are those of us that
just cannot be "stabilized" - then time to find a new
doctor who understands YMMV.

Hang in there!!

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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