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Re: [IP] Paradigm problems???...and software


I've been pumping with just one Paradigm since last July as well,
and with the same software version as yours (1.7C 1.1 0B 0B).  I've
experienced a few battery-related issues: no-power alarm w/out a
low-battery warning, E21 after low-battery, and a wide variability
in battery life (over last 7 battery changes: min=6 days, max=23 days)

With such a small sample set of data, I'd advise a more conservative
approach to generalizing conclusions about the quality of different
sw versions, and whether MM's design or quality process is sufficient
or sufficiently followed.  Since the problems are statistically
unlikely to occur, I believe you'd need a larger data set to figure
out the actual defect rates, and whether the defects are dependent
on each other in some way.

An alternate plausible explanation (but equally unprovable with
limited data) is that there are far more Paradigm's running the
later software revisions, due to increased volumes shipped and
software upgrades during refurbishment.  There's just not enough
data here to tell what percentage of issues are addressed by the
new version.

I think it's too big a leap to conclude that the new sw version
actually introduces new issues.  There's not enough data whether
there's a single fundamental defect which cause a family of related
symptoms, or actually multiple defects.


>I've had my Paradigm since last May (though, didn't start pumping with
>it until July).  Anyhow, during that time, I haven't had a single
>problem with it.

>So, that gets me thinking about software.  It seems that the EARLY
>versions of the pump are having less reports of problems than later
>versions.  As a software engineer, I think that they may have an issue
>with their software design such that as they fix something, it
>causes "side effects" in other areas, etc.  Of course, being that this
>is a health-product, they should have a very good software process in
>place to help avoid such things...but like all good programmers
>(*sic*), they likely aren't being completely compliant to the
>process.  ;-)

>My software version is:  1.7C 1.1 0B 0B
>I've had no problems whatsoever after 8 months of pumping.

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