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[IP] Re: LenLutz Disetronic

On 2/24/03 5:53 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> if you do, im interested in a small survey.
> at TCOYD, i mentioned to MM, that i loved the "backup d-tron",
> in there arrogant way, "well, im sure you need it. If we did that, wed be
> out of business".
> I told them about the number of problems, ive seen here...
> there response "it easy to leave anonymous mail"
> any way, of you d-tron (or h-tron) users,
> have you ever needed the backup ????

I have only needed the backup when I sent the original in for its Technical
Inspection. I have been told some folks will alternate their pumps (6 months
on one, 6 months on the other) but I haven't done that. I'm on pump #2 now
as my #1 is enjoying its vacation in Minne-snow-ta for a spa treatment <G>

-- iBook (640MB RAM), iPod, iPump, G4 (1.128GB RAM), Camcorder, EPSON 1280
printer, Cell Phone, Cables and PDA...... Yeah, I'm ready to go now...
uhh.... coffee? Where's my coffee???

AOL-IM: Wyldceltic1

Jenny Sutherland
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