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[IP] Horrible social experience!

Hello :o(

 Something happened to me this weekend that had never happened before. I am
still upset and mad at myself for not reacting better, especially after we had
just discuss this very same issue the previous week "duh comments."

 We went to an under 40 church gathering for games and desserts. We were to play
board games and everyone was to bring a dessert. Anyways, in the group (which is
the second time we meat as a group) there is a OBGYN resident. He is not a full
OBGYN MD yet. Either way, he is a bit obnoxious to begin with (with the "I am
better than everyone" attitude.)

 Well, I took in a flan (for which I am very well known back home and now here
in the US.) Everyone loved it (including the rude Dr.) and I decided to have a
piece for myself. Well I had it, and then I bolus for it. He saw me bolusing and
said something like oh, "you are cheating." I said, no I am not cheating, I am
allowed to have this. Then he said something like oh, you are giving your self
"extra" insulin that you are not supposed to have to cover the sweet. I said, no
I am allowed to have it, I know what I am doing, and I am following MY endo's
instructions. Either way, he said all this in front of a some people but we were
not talking close up. Then he said something like, you know, your so and so are
bleeding (he said your toes or heals or something to do with my feet). I was so
mad and enraged and everyone else was talking that I was not able to hear
exactly what he referred to be bleeding. I said something like no they are not,
and gave him a bad look. He said, with a smirk oh I was just kidding.

 Well, my lovely partner did not hear the conversation (she was talking to
another couple), she just noticed that before I was fine and now obviously to
her, I was furious. I discretely told her what had happened. Well, a couple of
minutes later, I asked the host for a glass of wine (after this guy's comment I
really need it a drink.) Then this Dr. made gestures like I was going to need
more Insulin (mimicking me pressing more bottoms in my pump from accross the
room.) I actually said, no I do not need more insulin, alcohol makes you low. My
lovely partner realize now what he was doing again, and went to him and said:
you know it is amazing how little the general medical personnel (or medical
people) knows about diabetes. Some actually think alcohol makes you high. He
jumped and said well it DOES have carbs! She told him well, the alcohol in the
wine actually makes your BG drop (she did not go into the whole liver processing
alcohol, etc.) He said, well you know I was just kidding with her and
immediately left to where I was. He came to where I was (I was talking to his
lovely wife whom by the life of me cannot understand how can she be married to
him) She was asking how soon had I found out and how is my control is going and
where is the pump hooked, etc. Well, I was telling her about my control and I
was in actually too tight a control and that my a1cs were in the 4.1%. Well he
was approaching us and said, oh, 4.1% that is really good. I said, yes it is,
and that is why I told you I know what I am doing. He left it at that.

 He then, made some inappropriate comments to the host regarding their child's
sleep position. The kid (~1yr old) was not making too mucho notice over the
monitor, and the parents commented well he is actually a bit too quiet and that
it is funny how they (the parents) are never happy. When he makes too much
notice, they want him to sleep through the night, but when he is too quite, then
they are worried about him having breathing problems. The Dr. told them you did
put him to sleep on his back? Didn't you? As if they have not had this child for
1yr now, and they are morons - Unfortunatelly his tone is missed on my typing.
He also told them how they really (or most Drs.) do not numb when doing a
circumcision. The parents said that their child was and that that made them feel
better about it (the fact that the kid did not feel the procedure.) He told
them, think what you want but your child was not cedated/nombed for that (again
with a smirk.) The whole group went quite after his comment of think what you
want. People were trying to be on their best behavior so nobody was rude back.
It could be also that at that point we were biased but even trying to be
partial, I still think he was out of line.

 For those South American's in the list. The rude 'know it all' Dr. was
Argentinean. Him and I are actual the only non-American's in the group and I am
glad I am there so they know that not all South American are rude.

 Thanks for listening. I could not sleep thinking about all these great
comebacks. This was the first time someone was purposely rude (especially that
bleeding part.) I have had un-educated comments before - but all had been well
intentioned, just misedcuated. I am willing to listen if you think I just took
to seriously but I just do not see how. This was the first time someone was
putting me down regarding diabetes and it caught me by surprise and I got so mad
(actually enraged) I was not able to react fast enough. Now I am getting my
rude-comeback-repertoire to be ready for the next. And for those that say we
have to be nice back, I am nice to those that are obviously meaning well, to
those that are putting me down, I will crush next time.

Eloisa and Bombita
 Still very upset about this whole thing. Just thinking about makes my face go
red all over again.
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