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Re: [IP] insurance

> prescription for test strips, I was told when I got there (after work on
> Friday night) that my insurance only covers 100 of the 300+ I use and the
> prescription was written for.  The Insurance Co. tried to tell me that it
> didn't matter what the Doctor wanted or thought I needed, that they, the
> Insurance Co and my employer, had the final say so on what and how much
> was covered.  If I wanted or needed more than what they allowed, I would
> have to pay out of pocket.

I had a similar experience shortly after my insurance changed.  I declined
the 100 strips hoping to do battle with the insurance company and win before
needing more.  The prescription was put back on the shelf for others while
finagling with ins.

To make matters worse, when I called the ins. co., I was given
misinformation by the person I talked to.  I was told I could get as many
strips as I wanted, in a month, but I had to pay a $20 copay for each

Finally, I hadn't resolved it but needed more strips, so I called the
pharmacy again to give me the 100 and continue doing battle later.

When I went to pick it up, there were 300 strips there.  I called to find
out what had changed, and was given correct information this time.  I was
also told that sometimes the pharmacist enters it into the computer wrong,
making them think that only 100 are allowed.  The error, in my case, was
simply the fault of whoever ran it through the computer.  When someone else
entered it, it was entered correctly, and I got the 300 I needed.

This may not be the case for you, but it is something to be aware of.
Sometimes the mistake is on the part of the pharmacy, not the insurance.  It
is good to cover all of the bases when checking on this.

Your employer should also be informed (supposing this is what your employer
has contracted with the ins. co. for) and asked to arrange otherwise.  If
they are responsible for insufficient coverage, they should know and may be
able to change things.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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