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[IP] Kids say the darndest things...

. I was in the mall last week and
> bolusing for a Salad I was eatting and this little kid screamed at the top
> his voice MOM look that lady is doing drugs. > Bonne'Cowger-Roszel pumping
since Aug 2002

I have not had this charming experience yet.  But last week, I ducked
outside to get my newspaper in a pair of shorts.  I live in Ohio and there
was about four inches of snow on the ground.

A kid across the street hollered out,  "Mr. You're crazy!"

To which I replied,  "Yes I am.  I'm the man that mommy and daddy warned you
about.  Now, get out of here!"

And, I'll probably use that line if some little rug-rat accuses me of taking

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