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Re: [IP] Re: Coffee & BG

In a message dated 2/24/03 11:41:31 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< his thread has popped up many times on IP over the years.  There is 
 no reliable study that has shown coffee to have any effect on BG.  >>

Sure there has:

Caffeine Shown to Lower Insulin Sensitivity
Exercise Could Help Counter the Effects of Caffeine-Induced Insulin Resistance

    Caffeine, a component of many popular dietary sources such as coffee, 
tea, colas and chocolate, decreases insulin sensitivity by 15 percent in 
people without diabetes, say researchers in the Netherlands. The doctors, who 
conducted a small test group study, published their findings in the February 
2002 issue of Diabetes Care. 
    Researchers from the University Medical Center in Nijmegen injected doses 
of caffeine equal to moderate consumption into 12 healthy individuals and 
doses of a placebo (inactive) substance into 10 individuals after all the 
subjects had abstained from caffeine for 72 hours. 
The decrease in insulin sensitivity documented during the caffeine trial 
neared the magnitude of the increase in insulin sensitivity that can be 
achieved by taking oral insulin-sensitizing agents, researchers say.  In 
addition, the caffeine group had higher blood levels of free fatty acids and 
increased levels of the hormone adrenaline, which causes the liver to release 
glucose and limits the release of insulin.  
The increase of adrenaline may be causing the decrease in insulin 
sensitivity, the researchers speculate. They point out that further studies 
need to determine whether the decreased insulin sensitivity continues over 
time with chronic use of caffeine. Because tolerance may develop with 
long-term ingestion of caffeine, they add, it's premature to advise caffeine 
restriction to manage insulin resistance.  
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