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[IP] re: IP scary experience

Hi, Lisa,
I also have gastro-paresis.  Although my basals tend to really keep my sugars
on keel if I am nauseas and can't eat I find that sucking on 4-6 lifesavers in
the case I can't eat brings up my sugars enough to ward off drastic lows.(in
addition sometimes I can manage a saltine cracker or too even though I am
nauseous)  I actually have never used glucagon for these instances for the
very reason you mention, the side-effect of nausea.  I also have seized twice
from low sugars (am asymptomatic with hypoglycemia) but both were not periods
when I wasn't able to eat.  While YMMV with this one I thought I'd share my
experience with you.  Serena dx'd '76, pumping with "panacea" for about 12
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