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[IP] insurance

I know we have been over this topic so many times in the recent past and
I appologize for bringing it up again, but I just don't remember the
particulars, now that I need the facts.

I just got insurance coverage the begining of Feb, then it took over 2
1/2 weeks to get my cards so I could start using the services.  Well to
make a long story short, I went to the pharmacy this weekend to get my
perscription for test strips, I was told when I got there (after work on
Friday night) that my insurance only covers 100 of the 300+ I use and the
perscription was written for.  The Insurance Co. tried to tell me that it
didn't matter what the Doctor wanted or thought I needed, that they, the
Insurance Co and my employer, had the final say so on what and how much
was covered.  If I wanted or needed more than what they allowed, I would
have to pay out of pocket.  It didn't matter that I told them I test 10+
times per day.  I may note that neither the Insurance Co nor my employer
are licensed to practice medicine nor are they Endos.

Now I know this isn't right and I know they are trying to pull a fast
one, but I just don't remember enough of what has been said before to use
as a rebuttal.  This is the first time I have had this particuilar
problem with any insurance co.

H E L P !!!!!!!!



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