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[IP] re: coffee and bg

I just returned from N.H. and cross country skiing and am catching up on IP.
I do find that coffee (I drink it just with a little milk) raises my blood
sugar a bit though nothing I would bolus for.  However for years I didn't eat
breakfast (just had the coffee in the a.m.) and my blood sugar always rose.  I
was very active (walking 3-4 miles a day) and also on the pump.  My MD
believed the raise sugar was not the coffee but the natural morning BG rise
plus the activity.  My liver apparantly gave off stored glucose and responded
because I hadn't eaten sugar.  I began eating breakfast (with appropriate
insulin coverage) and stopped having high blood sugars in the mornings. of
course YMMV.   The interesting thing to all this is that I initially stopped
eating breakfast because I wanted to loose weight (anorexic at the time).  Now
that I always eat three meals and 2 snacks a day I weigh much, much less (not
that I was ever overweight before).    serena dx'd '76, pumping with "panacea"
for about 12 years.
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