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[IP] paper tape

Are we talking about the same tape? Made by 3M that comes in a roll? You 
peel it off the roll and tear it, similar to masking tape. It's also about 
as easy to tear as masking tape. It's white (not translucent) and comes 
in different widths. I used to buy the 1" width. You can sometimes find 
it at Walgreens, etc, and always at a durable medical supply house. My
stepfather the dermatologist always has some lying around, too.

For me, it lasts maybe 1/2 hour in water, and then peels off. I gave up 
on it when the disconnectable SofSets came out in late 1995 and I started 
swimming again.

There's also a version of it that's clear and lasts a little longer. I 
forget its name. I used to use it to tape down the "loop" with SofSets. 
But now I just use an extra sheet of IV3000. 

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