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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #79

The reply below is absolutely correct.  Even if you
don't have symptoms and have celiac you could be
harming yourself if you do not follow the diet. 
Without a definite diagnosis it is very hard to follow
the diet.

I will help you anyway I can since I have been on a
gluten free diet for 15 years.

email @ redacted

<<I just found out I have tested positive for Celiac. 

I had the blood test
done, and because I am not in any way sick, the Endo 
said it was fine to
refuse to have the old tube down the throat. >>

I thought that a biopsy was required to positively 
test for Celiac.  The 
blood test just screens out the negatives.  Please 
check about this, as you 
certainly don't want to have to follow a celiac diet 
if it isn't necessary.  

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