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Re: [IP] Disetronic users only

I have a D-tron+.  I have not had a single problem
since I got it in November 2002.

Prior to that I had a MM507c that had one non-delivery
problem in the 5 years I had it (the reservoir door
wouldn't stay shut).

I chose the Disetronic over the MM Paradigm because of
the reported problems I'd seen here (not the NUMBER of
reports, but the NATURE of the reports) and because of
the MM sales rep's arrogance toward the other
companies.  He said the same things about "anonymous
reports of problems", "you'll need the 2nd pump", etc.
 He closed the deal for me with Disetronic.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.

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