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Re: RE:[IP] Re: eating out...

  I know exactly how you feel... The other dat my friend and I stopped in at KFC
for lunch and I forgot my carb book and said the nice lady at the counter for a
print out on their carbs and the lady looked at me and said Sweetie you are too
little to worry about counting carbs, and that ATKINS diet is bad for you. I
just smiled and walked away.hehehe . I gues since I am only 5 foot tall and 98
pounds ,people think I shouldn't count carbs. I was in the mall last week and
bolusing for a Salad I was eatting and this little kid screamed at the top of
his voice MOM look that lady is doing drugs. My 11 year old son stood up and My
mom is a diabetic and that is no drugs that is how I keep her alive. Got to love
my son.
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> Anyhow, most fast-food places do have complete nutritional information
> including carb content. Either they will have a chart on the wall, or
> you can ask them for a nutritional guide. (Sometimes you get blank
> stares from the people at the register when you ask for it...but if you
> press them on it, usually the manager will know where it is.)

Not always. I have SEVERAL times asked and found out they didn't have one.
The manager would tell me, "Oh, yeah, we need to get some more of those I
just haven't thought about it," or something like that.

Another favorite response was in Subway. I asked for nutritional info and
was pointed out the chart showing the FAT content in their lowfat
selections. Fat doesn't really help when trying to bolus for carbs, now,
does it?

In these instances I usually explain that as a diabetic, I really NEED to
know this information, and as I'm not the only diabetic out there, they
really ought to keep this information available to those who need it. I
think a manager not bothering to keep those pamphlets in stock is being

I also get annoyed when I am pointed to a chart on the wall. A chart on the
wall doesn't help when you use the drive through, or are taking the food
home. I will write it down, but I do get frustrated about it.

But that information is better than the total lack of information you get in
any sit down restaurant. I am reduced to guessing, and inevitably, my
sugars two hours later reveal that I didn't guess well at all.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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