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[IP] Tooth Extraction A Dentist's Big Problem

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Sunday  Feb. 23 ,11:00 PM
Subject:: Dentist Had Big Extraction Problem

A little Long.
When I was in my 1st year of Dental School at a Magior Medical Center I had
an impacted lower  third moler that was causing me pain. I called my
dentist, who was my father, and told him I had a problem.  He told me to go
the Head of the dental School's Oral Surgery Department,  Dr. XXX and have
him take care of  it there att the school.  I went in on a Friday afternoon
with my full set of dental x-rays in my hand and the good Dr. said, "Ok sit
down and I will take care of it right now."  No questions about my potential
problems due to my diabetic condition.
   The extraction is what I would now call a dificult surgical procedure but
he did get it removed in two pieces.  I went back to my dorm and by the next
AM I had a big problems .
There were antibiotics at that time but unless a Dr, is exposed to the
latest methods while they are in training they will often never catch up.
That may sound like the story with Insulin Pumps and MD's lack of smarts in
recodmending them for their patients..
After seven days in the hospital and lots and lots of antibiotics in the
butt every six hours, I was released.
In my 33 years of Dental practice I never had  to have a patient have to go
to the hospital due to problems with my care.  I did give a lot of
prescriptions for presurgery  antibiotics  I should add that this was before
we had any way of checking blood sugar levels. ie " the dark ages"
  we had only urin sugars levels and that was "pis poor". Charles Soderstrom
DDS  T 1 since 10/53 at age 19
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