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Re: [IP] Never ending search

Jenny, 14, has had her Animas for over two years. I believe that all 
pumps are good. Some have more flexibility in programming basals than 
others. The main thing we have liked about Animas is the helpfulness and 
courtesy of the customer service people. They are very responsive 24 
hours a day. We have never waited for more than a few minutes for 
answers to questions,  even in the middle of the night. One time 
theycontacted us to trade in the pump because they had improved the 
software - we weren't even having problems.

Good luck with your choice.  

e.d-marans wrote:

>Hi all
>In my never ending search for the perfect pump I have run across the Animas
>brand R1000.  My insurance will float for either a Minimed, or  {D,H} -Tron or
>what I discovered today an Animas instrument.  The first two I kinda know but
>the Animas is a question.  Any Animas users out there who would like to share
>a few thoughts?
>Dx 27-Dec-79
>Pumping 27-Jan-03
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