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Re: [IP] Bath/Tape Problems

I had no success with IV Prep, but I find Skin Prep works much better for
me.  If IV Prep doesn't do the trick for you, try that.  It helps a lot.

I also sometimes use Hypafix tape around the edges of the tape.  It is a
very strong tape that seems to stick very well even when wet.  The only
drawback is that it is somewhat hard to remove unless you wet it first, but
it works well.

I haven't seen Hypafix in a drugstore or anything, but I wouldn't be
surprised if whoever you buy your pump supplies from would carry it as well.
I discovered it when a visiting nurse used it when she came and changed
dressings on me a couple of times a day after my incision from my Cesarean
became infected.  There were lots of leftovers after we were done with the
dressing changes, and I have kept them for reinforcing my site tape if the
edges seem to be thinking about not sticking!  It is good, strong tape!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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