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Re: [IP] adhesive question

> I am  needing to find a hypoallergenic adhesive.
> I use the sof-set infusion set with me MM508.  The adhesive comes in the
> infusion set with the whole in the middle for the button to come through.
> Does anyone know of an adhesive that would work with this infusion set
> is hypoallergenic?  I looked on the website but couldn't find any.

I have two suggestions for you.  I had this problem, too, and have dealt
with it in two different ways.  One is to use a tape like Polyskin or IV3000
underneath, as a first step before actually inserting.  You insert through
the tape, and then tape down with the tape that is enclosed (I would use the
white backed tape on top of another tape).  Since the tape is on top of the
other tape and not your skin, it shouldn't irritate you.

Another idea is this:  Back when they first sold the Sofsets, they didn't
enclose any tape at all.  What we were taught to do was to use a tape (I
used the Polyskin tape, and that never irritated my skin, though others do)
with no hole in it.  Before removing the backing, we folded the tape in
fourths and cut a small diagonal hole over the part that would be the middle
if it were unfolded.  That way, you have a hole in the tape even though it
wasn't sold that way.  (Hope that makes sense.)

I would recommend trying those tapes and see what you think.  Another tape
that is not irritating is Hypafix, but it doesn't really come wide enough
and isn't clear.  I like to use it if I am worried about the tape coming
loose before it is time for a set change.  I just tape the edges.

One other suggestion -- if you are open to trying other types of infusion
sets, the attached tape may not irritate your skin so much as the tapes used
with the Sof-sets.  Though those tapes do bother me, the tapes used on the
Silhouettes or the Ultraflex, for instance, don't bother my skin at all, and
I think they stick better, too.  It is also an advantage that the tape is
attached directly to the infusion set, so it is a lot easier to tape down,
in my opinion.

Hope one of those ideas works for you.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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