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[IP] tapes

Both of the tapes with the SofSet have a hole in them, and there is a
DIFFERENT kind of tape on the "wings" of the sofset itself. I'm allergic
to the tape on the wings. I'm ok with the IV3000 tape (which is the same
tape that has an orange backing). 

I put down a layer of the IV3000 first (not the piece with the hole in
it), insert the SofSet THROUGH the IV3000, and then tape down the SofSet.
Either tape with the hole then works for me, since it doesn't actually
touch my skin. 

This procedure would work with any tape that you weren't allergic to as
a base. I have to do this procedure with Silhouettes and QuickSets, too,
as I seem to be allergic to everything but IV3000 and papertape, and papertape
doesn't last in water.

To test whether the tape is the problem, try taping it down to a different
part of your body, leave it there 24 hours, and then remove it. MM will
send you samples of different kinds of tape if you ask.

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