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[IP] Re: adhesive question

I had a similar problem whe I first started pumping. I no use the Quick Sets, 
but I used and still use BARD wipes at the site, before iI insert, and have 
no problems since I started using it. It is a protective barrier availabe 
from Minimed or your drungtore. Ask the pharmacist about it it is usually for 
ostemy patients.

Perhaps Mini med will send you a sample.


In a message dated 2/23/03 6:35:34 PM, Regge writes:

<< I am  needing to find a hypoallergenic adhesive.
I use the sof-set infusion set with me MM508.  The adhesive comes in the 
infusion set with the whole in the middle for the button to come through.  
Does anyone know of an adhesive that would work with this infusion set that 
is hypoallergenic? >>
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