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Re: [IP] Never ending search

>Hi all
>In my never ending search for the perfect pump I have run across the Animas
>brand R1000.  My insurance will float for either a Minimed, or  {D,H} -Tron or
>what I discovered today an Animas instrument.  The first two I kinda know but
>the Animas is a question.  Any Animas users out there who would like to share
>a few thoughts?

The current pump sold by Animas is the IR1000.  Basically it is an 
R1000 with an IR port on the back that will eventually communicate 
with a PDA that is running the EZ-Manager  (once the FDA figures out 
which end is what).  There are some differences also in the 
Programming.  YMMV

George     :>)
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