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RE: [IP] Coffee & BS

I may be revealing too much about where I live/ grew up, but what do you all
consider as a cup of coffee in the morning?  I personally drink just regular
drip with a bit of sweetener in the am but many people in my hopmetown
(Seattle) consider a tall double vanilla latte their "cup of coffee" in the
morning.  I would be willing to be that this could have a dramatic rise in
their BG readings with the suryp and the whole milk.  Just trying to
rationalize this whole debate in my head cause I was told that coffee was
"free" but milk was not.

Wesley (pumping with my Cozmo TOMORROW!!!!)

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> coffee. I thought coffee was a "free" food. The equal has, I believe
1gram. Do
> you bolus before each cup or try to figure out how many cups your going to
> have? I drink coffee again in the afternoon and it has no effect at all on
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