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[IP] Re: Scary experience

>       As far as the delayed sugar responses to food. I'm not sure I was on
> juice and clear liquids for 2 days after so I stayed in the lower range,
> witch is funny to me because most of the time I'm at least over 200 and I
> feel low at 100 or below.
> Kristy dxd age 2 pumping 4 years


Your body is *used to* high BGs and if you lower your target range, say to
150 for a couple of weeks, then shoot for 100-120 you'll be in a more normal
range. Living at 200 may hurry on some complications. There is no
guarantees, however. But, if you can get your A1c down to <6.5 the risks are
much less. If you accomplish this, you'll start feeling lousy at the 200

I know whereof I speak. I recently gave an old list of my A1c's which were
mostly 9.9-11.2 for years. I didn't feel them either. Now I'm below 6.5 and
can feel the higher ranges. I also have complications I do not like - like
kidney failure. :-(((((((

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