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Re: [IP] BG Variations Additional Info

> Kristen, Do you use H or N?
> My 2hr pp's with Novolog are usually 146-276, by 3 hrs, they are under
120, am
> not too low.  With Humalog, 2 hr pp's were 140 or under, would be low by 3
> below 70.

I use Humalog.  I've never tried Novolog -- never seen the need to switch.

If I see it higher than I would prefer, I usually try to figure out how much
insulin is still available to work.  Many times there is enough to
compensate for the high number.  If not, I'll treat a postprandial value.
That's why many times I do nothing about the 170 or 180 at 2 hrs. pp.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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