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Re: [IP] adhesive question

> Actually, yes I did switch them this time and all I do  is itch and
> around it all.

Ok, then here are a few more suggestions:

1) If you aren't attached to using SofSets, try a different infusion set.  I
had horrible times with irratation to the sofset tapes when I started
pumping and also some bruising with the sets.  Not to mention I couldn't get
the sets to stick for more then 24 hours no matter what I tried.  I switched
to using Minimed Silhouttes which made a HUGE difference.  I didn't need any
extra tape at all and the paper tape adhesive on the set didn't bother me.
I am also trying a Disetronic UltraFlex set right now which is also paper
tape based, and isn't giving me trouble either.  I also don't need any extra
tape with this set.  I think the Minimed QuickSets also have a paper-tape

2) If you are attached to using the Sofset then you might want to try
gorilla snot, or some other type of liquid adhesive and see if it aleviates
the need for the extra tape and/or irratates you.


3) If both tapes that come with the set are irratating, then you may want to
try going to a drug store and purchasing a few different kinds of first aid
tape to try.  There are some paper tape based ones instead of plastic that
might be less irratating for you.

Hope this helps,
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