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[IP] Scary Experience

email @ redacted writes:
>Subject: [IP] Scary experience
>The other night I caught a stomach bug from my daugther and couldn't keep
>anything down.  The thing that scaried me was I had a BG in the 50's for
>over two hours with signs of a hypo.  My wife had my glucagon shot ready
>incase we needed to use it, but I was able to keep enough food down to
>slowly raise it.  My question I have is has anyone else experienced this and
>what have you done?  We were on the verge to going to the hospital when my
>BG finally started to come back up.
>The other question that I have is for two days after this episode, I had
>delayed sugar responses to food.  I figure this was due to my insides
>getting turned inside out.  I would eat and my BG would move very slowly for
>3-4 hours, and then all of sudden I would get the full effect.  This played
>havoc with my boluses since I would go low after I ate because I bolused for
>the whole meal.  Is there someway to compensate for this?  Has anyone else
>experienced this after an illness?
  I'm glad things worked out OK with your low, those can be soooo scary. You
could have just taken a small amount of glucagon to end the misery. I used to
think you had to be unconscious to use glucagon, but it's not so. Talk to your
Dr about what
 an appropriate "micro dose" of glucagon would be for you in a situation where
you are low and just can't eat. It can be so much easer than trying to eat your
way back up.
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