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[IP] tooth extraction

email @ redacted writes:
>Subject: [IP] tooth extraction- HELP
> Has anyone had an abscessed tooth pulled??  i was having severe toothache
>and was put on antibiotics for the tooth.  When i went to an emergency
>dental clinic they pulled the tooth after only being on the antibiotics for
>2 days.  I got the tooth pulled on tuesday and am still in pain.  I have
>lost all colour and was put on more antibiotics.   So far my sugars have
>been good, but since i can't chew anything and am only eating soft foods i
>have lost 10 pounds.  I am not feeling like myself.  Can anyone offer any
  Glad your bgs are working out.....that's close to a mini miracle. When i had
my wisdom teeth out (I was still on shots) and ate alot of ice cream sandwiches
since they kept my bg up and were soft and the cold was numbing. Hope you heel
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