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[IP] Skin-tac

email @ redacted writes:
>Subject: [IP] Bath/Tape Problems
>Hi everyone, 
> We started pumping insulin on 2-20-03 (one of the best days of my life!!) and
 >that night, Cole took a bath & the site came right out. ::( I had to do
>site right away but this time I put IV3000 down first. Well, when Cole took a
 >bath tonight, the IV3000 appears to be coming up.... can someone please tell
>how I can keep the sites down good for 2-3 days? Our pump rep mentioned
>something about some skin 'cement'... I am worried about the Phoenix summers
>cause Cole sweats like crazy.
>Thanks for your insight!
>Rachel - Phoenix, AZ
>Single mom to Cole, 4.5 - Pumping Animas 2-20-03

  Hi I'm an Animas pumper too. When I have problems keeping my sets down I use a
product called Skin-Tac (call 1800-545-4254). I got a sample from my CDE may be
they would send you one direct. You just paint it on with a Q-tip wait for it to
tacky and then insert the set on top.  Believe me the hold is very strong.
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