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Re: [IP] tooth extraction- HELP

I had a bi-cuspid extracted; when it refused to heal after many weeks, my
dentist discovered a tiny piece of bone had broken off in the gum and had to
be removed (this sounds much worse than it was); THEN it finally healed.

Are you gently rinsing 4 - 8 times per day with 1/2 tsp. salt mixed in 8 oz.
VERY warm water?  It seemed that's all I did for several days, but it

I'd call the dentist and see if he wants to recheck you.  Did he schedule a
follow-up visit?  You should definitely have one!!

Best wishes,

Lisa Mattox
Type 1 for 26 years
Animas pump for 8 months

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From: "Tina Martin" email @ redacted  ....I got the tooth pulled on
tuesday and am still in pain.
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