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Re: [IP] Scary experience

Hi Brian,

I've been in your shoes (slippers) a number of times due to gastric paresis.
I go ahead and take the glucagon, even a partial dose, to be sure I stay
high enough.  Unfortunately, a side-effect of glucagon can be more nausea,
but, in my case, severe hypos can cause grand mal brain seizures!

Glad you're feeling better,

Lisa Mattox
Type I for 26 years
Gastric Paresis for 13 years
Animas Pump for 8 months

----- Original Message -----
From: "Brian Mozisek" <email @ redacted>  ....I had a BG in the 50's for
> over two hours with signs of a hypo.  My wife had my glucagon shot ready
> in case we needed to use it......
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