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Re: [IP] Re: Coffee & BS

> I'd be willing to bet that your coffee in the morning hasn't got a thing
> the world to do with your morning rise.  If you would skip the coffee and
> drank water, perish the thought, you would still drift upward in the am.
> suspect this because you note that the coffee does nothing to you in the
> afternoon.  If your coffee required a bolus, it should require one every
> time it is drank.

This is getting interesting.  Sounds like a perfect thing to test out.
Shawna, you are right.  Without data we could be falling prey to
superstitious behavior.  We drink coffee in the morning, and our BGs rise.
But, it could be just waking up in the morning.

Rather than forgo coffee, I'll test drinking coffee at various times of the
day and see what the effect is.

Any coffee drinkers willing to try to wake up in the morning and just drink

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