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[IP] Re: Coffee & BS

I'd be willing to bet that your coffee in the morning hasn't got a thing in
the world to do with your morning rise.  If you would skip the coffee and
drank water, perish the thought, you would still drift upward in the am.  I
suspect this because you note that the coffee does nothing to you in the
afternoon.  If your coffee required a bolus, it should require one every
time it is drank.

Sometimes simply waking up causes your body to dump sugar into the blood
stream.  (There is the difference between your morning and afternoon blood
sugars!  You aren't waking in the afternoon!)  You might try a bolus upon
arising, and forget about your coffee altogether.  (Drink it, but don't
associate the bolus with it, I mean!)


 I used to drift upward in the AM prior to being on the pump even before I had
coffee. Now I
 have my basals very fine-tuned to offset this, so I wake up perfect and stay
that way. But I
 still need to bolus for coffee in the am unless I wake up low (70's or 80's),
in which case, I
 skip it and use the coffee to bring me up. ( have tested this more than a few
times.) Just
 because coffee requires a bolus in the am hours, does not mean it requires it
at ALL hours.
 I have tried to use coffee bring me up in the afternoon and it doesn't work.
The same is true for
 my insulin to carb ratios. They are 1:8 in the morning but 1:10 or 1:12 in the
 depending on my activity for the day. Do not assume one rule at one time of day
applies for
 every time of day. If that were true, there would be no need to adjust basals
and insulin:carb
 ratios. My basal rates are twice as high in the morning hours as the
 and coffee just doesn't require the same bolus later in the day - at least not
for me. And if I
 bolused in the morning, as you suggested, and skipped the coffee, I would go
low, because I
 have my overnight and morning basals set correctly so that I don't go high
unless I drink coffee
 and DON'T bolus for it. I have gotten this down to a science for myself, so
don't assume
anything for anyone else.

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