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Re: [IP] Coffee & BS

> coffee. I thought coffee was a "free" food. The equal has, I believe
1gram. Do
> you bolus before each cup or try to figure out how many cups your going to
> have? I drink coffee again in the afternoon and it has no effect at all on

I'd be willing to bet that your coffee in the morning hasn't got a thing in
the world to do with your morning rise.  If you would skip the coffee and
drank water, perish the thought, you would still drift upward in the am.  I
suspect this because you note that the coffee does nothing to you in the
afternoon.  If your coffee required a bolus, it should require one every
time it is drank.

Sometimes simply waking up causes your body to dump sugar into the blood
stream.  (There is the difference between your morning and afternoon blood
sugars!  You aren't waking in the afternoon!)  You might try a bolus upon
arising, and forget about your coffee altogether.  (Drink it, but don't
associate the bolus with it, I mean!)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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