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[IP] Infusion Sets

email @ redacted writes:
>Subject: [IP] Infusion Sets
>Just wondering about any information on the Paradigm Silhoutte's. I am
>planning on trying them out. Right now I'm using the quicksets, which I love,
>but am having problems being able to disconnect. I want to be able to
>disconnect to take a bath, shower, etc. I'm using the 23 inch tubing so it
>makesit hard to even setting the pump on the bath tub hard. I bought a holder
>for it that suctions to the side of the tub, but most of the time, it comes
>flying off. Is it true that the Silhouttes are for the more lean/heavy set
>people? This is what I was told by a MM person. I am medium bulit,have plenty
>in the stomach to pinch an inch though! Ha! Will the angle of the silhouttes
>cause differences in my bg's? The quicksets do work great, but when I try to
>disconnect, when I go to take my site out, its usually bleeds like crazy.
>Usually I won't try to disconnect until its time for a site change, that way
>when I'm able to do it, hopefully I will be able to get it connected again,
>and if not I'm going to be changing the site anyway. Any information will be
>greatly appreciated! Thanks!
>                                 Jamie

  You could try the Ultraflex (made by desetronic). The have the 90 degree
cannula like the quick set but disconnect easy like the sils do. It sounds like
the sils might work well for you though. Ask for samples, I like to try them
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