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[IP] Medicare covering Humalog

Hi Lisa.  Ever since I got on Medicare, my insulin is paid for 100%.  Check 
with their guidelines.  Your doctor writes a letter saying what kind of 
insulin you take and how much you will need for 3 mos.  Also, have him give 
the pharmacy a letter stating how often you do a BG and how many strips you 
will need for 3 mos..  I use them 10 x's per day so I have a 3 MO order for 9 
boxes of 100.  I also get 4 bottles of Humalog per every 3 mos.  Medicare and 
Medicare supplement pay for all my pump supplies.

Not every pharmacy files your MC so be sure to use one that does.  Also, MC 
only does this if you are on the pump and not unless.

I have not had to pay a cent of it since I got M/C disability.
Any questions?  contact me.................Jackie Pearce
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