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Re: [IP] Blood pressure pill & BG

At 03:40 AM 2/22/03, <email @ redacted> wrote:
>Not to sure its your BP pill. I will wake up 6am, BG 54, two cups black
>coffee, 8am, BG 300. Dawn pheno? Simolgi???(not sure about spelling). Rest of
>the day is near "normal" Basals have been changed 3 times in last month.
>Nothing is working at this point. Maybe I should bolus for each coffee. Any

I also have this problem, but I don't drink coffee.  I call it post-dawn 
phenomenon.   I get this even if I fast in the morning, my bg begins to 
rise after I get up.  I take a "get out of bed in the morning" bolus which 
has solved my problems with it.  YMMV.

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