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Re: [IP] re: a question

>Do Rapids work with Animas and other leur lock connections? What 
>advantage do Rapids have over Tenders/Comforts?

Yes, the Rapids are a luer-lock standard.  Rapids are a metal needle 
set which go perpendicular to the skin.  Being a long time injector 
(34 years) metal needles don't bother me.  I use the 6mm Rapids in my 
arms for a switch from the abdomen.  You never wonder if you inserted 
this kind of set at the wrong angle is the advantage over 


>George Lovelace wrote:
>>Don't know if you're talking about the Tenders or the Ultraflex, 
>>but with their new Rapids w/disconnect you get 15 infusion sets in 
>>a box and 5 packs of tubing.  So yes, I think they have realized 
>>that people only change the tubing when they change their 
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