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[IP] Re: Coffee & BS

<I'm wondering, how much do you bolus for a cup of
coffee? I used the 54BS as one of my extremes. My average waking BS is 90,
with the rise still occurring before breakfast. I use 1 equal to sweeten
coffee. I thought coffee was a "free" food. The equal has, I believe 1gram. Do
you bolus before each cup or try to figure out how many cups your going to
have? >


 I bolus 0.3 units for coffee in the morning, regardless of how much I drink (1
3 cups), but this is definitely going to be a YMMV thing.  Even though coffee 
 has no carbs or calories, it gets your adrenaline going which causes your liver
 to kick out sugar. Like you, I only have to do this in the morning hours, but
not late
 in the afternoon. By the way, my Endo told me they've done studies where
 found that even black coffee can cause people to gain weight because of the way
it affects the adrenal system and the insulin required to keep the BS in check.

I've also gotten better control in the morning hours by getting my overnight 
 basals between midnight and 6:00 am fine-tuned. When I was still on Lantus and
Humalog, I could wake up at 6:00 am in a good range, but my BS would start to 
 rise dramatically, even before coffee or breakfast for a definite Dawn
 The trick is to stop your liver from kicking out the morning sugar and you'll
have better
control all day.

Dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02
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