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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

I use sils exclusively with my paradigm now and I LOVE them.  I'm not
especially lean or heavy set, just "average", and they work great.  I love
the lower profile of the site, with QuickSets I was continually ripping sets
out from them getting "caught" on things, and usually it was the plastic hub
and needle that ripped off of the underlying tape.. it wasn't a
manufacturing defect, I believe my specific problem to be more of a
design/use flaw... it just wasn't working well for me.  I also had some
problems with the cannulas getting pushed out of the skin, but that was only

I disconnect the sils all the time to shower, they disconnect easily and
just "slide" back into place, no fiddly twisting involved.  Once you get
past the more "intimidating" insertion than with the QuickSets, you'll
adjust fairly easily to using them.  I never noticed any difference in BG's
even when I was switching back and forth continually with quicksets. That
may be unique to just me, but I think it also has something to do with depth
of insertion.  Also, typically I change my sets every 4-5 days and I've yet
to experiance a "site failure" with the sils or experience a cannula getting
kinked.  I have occationall had a site get ripped out (I have a two year
old, and things happen) and only twice has the cannula come out, but both
times I snagged it, and I knew it happened.  I also use the 23" tubing just
because the 42" is just WAY too long.. it would be nice if there was an
inbetween size, but I'd rather be a little short than having tubing

In short, I do think that which set to use is very much a YMMV, but for me,
I wasn't getting far with QuickSets.. at all!  Sils are like a gift from god
though ;)


"Marty Chansler" <email @ redacted> Wrote:
> Just wondering about any information on the Paradigm Silhoutte's.
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