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Re: [IP] BG Variations

> I am somewhat amused at other pumper's reports of
> their BGs going "high" when their BGs are over 150.  I
> am not in any way dismissing anyone's concerns about
> their BG numbers.  Just stating that for some of us -
> the predictability simply does not exist.

Hear Hear!!!!  I have had some really wacky blood sugars in the last couple
of days.  One of my teams primary concerns is hypos, since I am essentially
hypo unaware and live alone.

Most days are good, but some can be a real puzzle.  Today for instance, I
woke up with a 105.  Had a couple of cups of coffee and three hours later I
was at 248. I changed my site as you guys have  taught me.  But, it was a
real surprise to me!

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