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[IP] Re: ringing in the ears

>   Wow another ear ringer. I've have it for the 16 years since diagnosis.
> to come along with dizziness some times. I'm certain it is diabetes
related but
> have never gotten any where with Drs and careful observations have not
shown a
> direct
>  correlation to high or low bgs at the time that it begins.

Back in the early-mid '80s I started with the ringing in my ears. It started
with sounds like air going through pipes. I'd lie in bed and say to my
hugsband that the gas co. really had the gas cranked up that night! He has
somewhat of a hearing loss and couldn't hear it. Then a couple times I said,
but it's soooo loud! Can't you hear that?!? No.

Then I went to California to meet my father and his family. There in that
bedroom 2000+ miles away was the same exact noise. When I got home I was
sitting at the library in my car - alone. Same noise. By that time I figured
it HAD to be me. ;-)

It has changed to a high-pitched whistle and the pitch does vary but I can't
predict when. I have also heard some people commit suicide to escape the
noise. So far, I have gotten past it, but it is always there.

BTW, I cannot stand windchimes - they clash with the noises in my head!!!!

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