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[IP] Re: Lowest BG Ever

 The lowest BG I ever had was around 32 when I was still on shots. I was on
 and Humalog and took my "bolus" shot before making my dinner salad. Well, it
 me longer to make my salad than anticipated, and I remember looking at the
clock when
 I started to eat thinking, "uh, oh...I'm 10 minutes late..." So, I started to
"inhale" my salad,
 but it was too late......I felt myself going low and treated it with a bunch of
glucose tabs.
 It was really scary....I was cold and sweaty and felt like I was going to have
a heart attack.
 The other mistake I made on this occasion, was that I didn't test myself before
I took my
shot.  I'll never do that again.

Dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02
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