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[IP] Infusion Sets - Paradigm


 I had problems initially with my Quick Sets even though they are the 6mm and
 considering the Silhouettes because I was told they are good for leaner people.
 tried a couple of suggestions from this list and I haven't had a problem with
Quick Sets since.

 After I insert (I use the Quickserter) I make sure and push in on the inserter
 before removing it, then I push in on the introducer needle really good to make
 and "set" the cannula. Sometimes I push it in a few times. Prior to this, I was
 having problems with crimped cannulas. Since doing this, I haven't a single
crimp and my blood sugars have been great. I
 did try one Silhouette, not a good sample I know, but I didn't like it. It left
a bruise,
a big hole to heal, and my numbers were not any better.
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