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RE: [IP] Brief Cozmo update ...

Although I have not gotten attached to my Cozmo yet I would like to add my
two cents to this post.  Although I have not used deltec support and I have
no bolusing experience (beyone using water to paly around with the features)
I want to agree with the one part of this post that I have some experience
with.  I have been working with the West coast rep Lori Almand.  She has
been very helpful going way beyond what I would have expected her to do in
the "sales" role that I stereotyped her into.  there seems to be real care
taken to try to start a good working relationship from the get-go with
deltec, plus the pump is just so damn cool!

Wesley "I love that my pump is 2/3 the size of my cell phone" Dreiling

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Do not hesitate to contact representatives from Deltec with any and all of
your questions. Craig Crease is one point of contact who is most helpful .
as are all the folks from Deltec I've chatted with.

Enough of this long post, but I wanted to share my extreme satisfaction with
the Deltec Cozmo from an 'old-timer'.


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX
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