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[IP] Brief Cozmo update ...

Here's an update about my transition from 9 years of the Disetronic H-Tron
series pumps to the new Deltec Cozmo .

As I originally noted the H-Tron series has worked very well and the support
from Disetronic has been very good. I don't have any negatives about their
support and H-Tron product line.

Now for the Deltec Cozmo:  It is simply a FANTASTIC pump. Very intuitive and
loaded with many, many options and features. You have seen the posts from
Sue in Memphis about having your profiles loaded in the pump and when you
select the "carb counting" option the Cozmo takes care of the calculations
for you. You can program reminders to test your BG at an interval following
your last bolus or meal, etc. Should you test higher than your target you
can bolus a correction and the pump will calculate the accurate dosage based
upon your profile. Your profile handles the insulin to cover carbs and the
insulin to cover high BG as well as how long the insulin will be working in
your system.

It virtually eliminates you from overdosing on covering a high BG. You know
the times when you don't think your BG has dropped as you think it should
and then you dose some more and then the bottom drops out.

I've made a couple of calls to Deltec Customer Service and have had
excellent support and follow-up from them.

Anyone considering a change of pumps or a new pump for the first time I
strongly suggest you look very closely at the Deltec Cozmo. It is a very
good product and for this long-time Type 1 (since 1966) and pumping with
Auto-Syringe and D-Tron for over 15 years I am very pleased to be 'attached'
to the Deltec Cozmo.

Do not hesitate to contact representatives from Deltec with any and all of
your questions. Craig Crease is one point of contact who is most helpful .
as are all the folks from Deltec I've chatted with.

Enough of this long post, but I wanted to share my extreme satisfaction with
the Deltec Cozmo from an 'old-timer'.


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX
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