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[IP] RE: ringing in ears

This is medically know as tinnitus. People without diabetes can also have 
this. I have had it since my mid 20's following ear infection in both ears.  
I try to focus on other wounds when trying to sleep. When awake, I like a 
constant low background noise.  Some people find that "white" noise is 
helpful: a fan on a low setting, an air purifier running  all night, or a 
special device that can be purchased at some specialty store (don't ask me 
the name, but I have seen them advertised). People work nights and sleep days 
often use these.  If you do a search for "sleep aid" items, you might be able 
to locate a devise.  Unfortunately, tinnitus is permanent in many people. It 
can be caused by some antibiotics, aspirin, caffeine, 
or other medications, as well as ear infections, sinus infections.

My best wishes you find something that helps ease the annoying problem.

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