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[IP] ringing in the ears

My two cents worth. My ringing in my ears started right before my kidney's
failed in 1996, it then seemed to taper off once I started dialysis. After
treatment for about a year the ringing was back so severe it was giving me
terrible headaches or so I thought. Well then I collapsed and underwent
emergency quadruple bypass surgery and received a stint. The ringing was gone
and I was stronger than ever in a couple of months. Since then I have received
a kidney transplant from my mother, who now has given me life twice and lost
half my left leg due to an infection of the heal. I have steadily noticed that
the ringing has returned along with my blood pressure running on a
rollercoaster ride. When my bp is low there is not much ringing or whooshing
but when it is high man what a sound. I have talked to several Doctors about
this and they all say it is from the extensive nerve damage I have and my
cardiac condition. However some Doctors say that this is not entirely true so
I guess that this is one of those things that might vary a lot.

Stephen Howell dxd 2/14/70
Animas R 1000 9/02
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