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Re: [IP] Paradigm belt clip is here - another MiniMed story about them being free for upgrades

> However, now this a "for sale" only item and apparently people who were
promised these clips earlier will now have to pay for them.
> > Any others that were told this would be free to us when it was
> > Judi in MI

I was not told that, but I think it is a rip regardless, especially the
shipping charge of $6 for the slowest service! Amazon charges half as much
for such a small item.

It's really not the cost, it is the principle (or lack thereof). Why don't
they just throw it in with the patient's next supply order? Judging from
comments made to me by MM customer rep's, they have no problem "packaging"
items in such a way the insurance picks up the tab...or, on a $5,000+ sale,
can they not just take the hit?

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