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[IP] Pumpers with Celiac Help!

I just found out I have tested positive for Celiac.  I had the blood test
done, and because I am not in any way sick, the Endo said it was fine to
refuse to have the old tube down the throat.  My question is, how do you
handle your Celiac with your diabetes?  It would appear there are some people
who get very ill from wheat.  In fact, my mother has Celiac and she almost
didn't make it.  However, I know others who have Celiac who just don't eat
much wheat.

I also have thyroid disease, and had thought my recent fatigue was from that.
Now my Mother indicates that I should have my iron levels checked etc., in
case of anemia.
Does anyone have any suggestions where to start or what to do?  I believe the
Endo is ordering a bone density test in order to check to see how I am
absorbing or using Calcium etc.
Help! (like I needed another disease.)
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